Because people look!

The Competition - web Water Dogs - webI’ve had some people scold me for not keeping this blog up to date, while others say they rarely follow blogs of even their favorite authors. Me, I mostly like reading an author’s stories more than their ramblings unless they’ve got something pretty darn interesting to report on. And since I’ve been mostly wrapped up in writing and looking after my family, I wasn’t sure I had all that much interesting to report on.

(Or I’m just too lazy to establish another writing stream? Hm…maybe we won’t go there.)

What I have noticed, however, and what the a recent RWA report backs up, is that readers do visit author websites. How, beside checking my web statistics, I can be pretty sure of that here is that the stories I’ve talked about in my blog seem to get purchased at a much higher frequency than all the other (possibly better) ones that I haven’t.

Coincidence? I think not!

Which means people actually do read a bit when they visit my website. And for that reason alone, I think it’s only right that I start blogging a little more. Not only for the shameless promotion of just-released stories like “The Competition” or “Speed Date” or “Water Dogs & Secret Hearts“, and upcoming novels like Cinnamon Hearts, but maybe to share some tidbits about love. Stuff I’ve seen, felt, observed, read about.

No promises of deep revelations, but a little more of something. Stay tuned.

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