Another free e-book and feedback

Hi, y’all. My short story “The Interview” has been free on a bunch of e-book sites for a little while now, finally turning free on just today, and my publisher and I have been blushing furiously over the typos that made it through the editing process without being flagged. Nice thing about offering a work for free, though – someone will always point out the mistakes! Even nicer, with an electronic book you can get in there quickly and make fixes.

Can’t fix the 5000-some copies of the story people have already downloaded, and that stings a bit. If you’re one of the people who downloaded one of those and were bugged by the errors, I apologize to you. I try to write cleanly. Doesn’t always work.

And a second shout-out to any of you who are returning readers. You might notice this story’s a bit different from many of my Terri Darling shorts. Less simple and heartfelt; more quirky and glib. We tried to signal that a little by changing its original cover to one that matches my other quirky short story, “The Accident.” These two stories contain a little more language fun, a little more humor, a little more ironic detachment. In “The Accident” we’ve got two people who meet each other in the hospital emergency room after a car accident. Kind of Crash without the creepiness. Also some digs at lawyers and the whole automobile accident litigation industry. In “The Interview” we’ve got a woman who’s essentially been dumped by her husband and is having to fend for herself by going out to get a job even though she’s never held a regular job before. A little social commentary here about who’s really got the job skills in the country, and which skills are important. A little bit of romantic sparring that’s less about a knight in shining armor rescuing a damsel in distress, and more about the knight saying, “Whoah! You don’t even know how competent you are, do you?”

It’s a different kind of Terri Darling story that’s gotten a few of my readers scratching their heads, wondering where the heartfelt went. Just letting you know it’s still here, even in this story, but hey, romance comes in many guises. This one rides on a quick tongue. Is what it is. Hope it’s fun for some. More traditional stuff to follow.

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