Further update on the experiment in FREE

I’m in the middle of rethinking what I focus on in this blog, but thought I’d do a quick update on this experiment in free. I checked my sales figures for “The Swimsuit Shop” on Amazon.com this morning and found they were climbing respectably for a 99-cent short story. Then I clicked to Amazon.uk, where sales are usually about a fifth of my US sales. Sales were over 100 and rising literally by the minute! And the book had leapt into 18th place on Amazon.uk’s free contemporary romance books.

Yep. Amazon.uk’s bots had finally discovered “The Swimsuit Shop” was being offered for free somewhere in the world and taken action.

Note that Amazon.com still has “The Swimsuit Shop” priced at 99 cents and it hasn’t even appeared yet at Barnes & Noble and some other outlets. (Though Apple and Diesel eBooks already have it for free.)

So…18 days from first posting of free book on Smashwords to first pricing of free at other ebook stores, with a number yet to come.

We’ll see how this goes for another week or so, analyze whether there’s any spillover effect to other Terri Darling titles (in particular, those that are hyperlinked at the end of “The Swimsuit Shop”), then I may have Fiero Publishing kick the price of “The Swimsuit Shop” back up to 99 cents and see what effect that has. Or I may offer a new story for free. Or try something else.

You know, the writing process for each of my stories is always about the characters and the feelings, sometimes the tickle of the situations, but the selling process is a whole separate world. And electronic books have made it one whose rules and formulae are all up for grabs. Feel like I’m riding a bucking bronco bareback and having a heck of a good time.


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